We specialize in intelligent solutions, our booths are environmentally friendly and tailored to the needs of the environment. Since 1998, we create and execute projects and assembly of stands with technology, creativity and professionalism, coupled with the timeliness, quality service and security to our customers.

Conquered the competitive marketplace stands, with our bold designs that respond to the pace of modernity in the contemporary world we live in, where the customization of brands and products make the difference when exploring new and good business.

Revenue of our work is simple: faith in God, quality, attitude, ethics, respect for others and the environment. The practice of these concepts make the show a consolidated company stand in all national market.


Design, build and set up booths with quality and commitment through the partnership of our employees, thus achieving the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.


"Amaráso Lord thy God with all your Heart and with all thy soul and with all thy Strength and with all thy mind. And thy neighbor as thyself "(Lk-10, 12)


Stand Show operates in all regions of the country. With branches in Natal in Rio Grande do Norte and Pará in Belém In different segments of events, creation and implementation team has exclusive, working from the initial discussion of the ideas that make up a project and its development, to assembly and delivery final joint work whose goal is to exceed expectations.


Design and Installation of:
  • Stands;
  • Kiosks Trade;
  • Displays;
  • Showrooms;
  • Visual Communication.
  • Furniture
  • Events area
  • Stage and structure
  • Truss Box
  • Decoration


We have our own fleet of vehicles and a privileged structure in an area of ​​approximately 10,000 m², focusing on their production facilities all departments, bringing together the best conditions for the realization of large projects and their mounts, thus adding speed in meeting demands of our customers and more quality for the final result.

Phone (85) 3444.3350 / (85) 3444.3351 FORTALEZA-CE
Branch Natal: (84) 99604.1697 (Joara Lívia)
Branch Belém: (91) 98111.3809 (Gisele Bernardes)